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VISIONS - percussion between hands and mallets

(Pianissimo Musik, 2017)

David Friedman (vibraphon, marimba)
Arezoo Rezvani (santour, voice)

When musicians think about their visions, it‘s not by means of words they convey them. They rather work with tones, rhythms, melodies, sounds or silence, in order to illustrate visionary feelings, thoughts, images and stories. On this CD, the percussionist and frame drummer Murat Coşkun brings his own visions to life, in entering in a dialogue with two great musicians and masters of improvisation, David Friedman and Arezoo Rezvani. Not only concerning their music, the two musicians emanate from different worlds: David Friedman has his roots in American jazz music. Arezoo Rezvani stands for the eastern classical music of Persia. Due to Coşkun, the two of them may also be considered as visionaries: David Friedman, on marimba and vibraphone, is said to be the „grand seigneur“ of the jazz vibraphone. Not for nothing, because with his musical visions, he opened new dimensions to the play of this instrument, and fascinated and inspired many other vibraphonists worldwide. The virtuous Persian santur player Arezoo Rezvani was able to fulfi ll one of her visions: the Iranian left her homeland, where she was forbidden to practice her musical art, and now she develops her great talent and her love to music in Germany.

Friedman and Rezvani play their instruments with mallets and sticks and also use them as percussion instruments. With lightness and elegance they change between the styles, experiment with the new, each of them never satisfi ed with the “current state”.

In the duo pieces with Murat Coşkun, the musicians dive deeply into contrasting rhythmical-musical worlds, sometimes in meditative, sort of minimalistic patterns, sometimes into very vigorous, virtuously whirling rhythms and melodies. The music alters within the tension fi eld of cultures, where complex rhythms give way to simple grooves. Rhythms of Korea go into a synthesis with North African drums and Turkish ways of dancing. The frame drum always fi gures as the unifying element between the cultures and underlines the guiding principle Connecting Cultures, which is one of the biggest visions in Murat Coşkuns life.

Pice: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 forwarding expences)

Listen the music:

01 Visions
02 Chaharmezrab Mokhalef Segah
03 Ey Asheghan
04 Groovistan
05 Sound in Silence
06 Dizzy
07 Zilli Bendir
08 Pupak
09 Khazan
10 Cheel-Chae
11 Go here or there?
12 Dance with David
13 Solo Santour
14 Good morning butterfly
15 Uçan develer
16 Nahum and Sarah
17 Uzun ince bir yoldayɩm

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