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miniatures - worldpercussion meets chamber music

Murat Coşkun feat. Camerata String Quartet - miniatures

Murat Coşkun (frame drums, perc.)

Camerata String Quartet:
Martina Wündrich (violine)
Vera von Kap-Herr (violine)
Anne-Françoise Guezingar (viola)
Georg Rudiger (cello)

The idea of miniatures has been with me for a long time. Musical sketches or miniatures are very central to my idea of music. They take up small, short thoughts and bring the essential to the point without losing too many words or sounds. The listeners are thus invited into a world of feeling in which they can then continue to dwell and have enough space to follow their own paths of thought.

The focus of this CD are arrangements of the miniatures for string quartet by composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze with motifs, dances and songs from Georgian folklore. In the arrangements, percussion is added as a reinforcing element, emphasizing the rhythmic-impulsive character of Georgian music without changing the main message and character of the music.
Another focus of the CD is the Arabian Walz by Rabih Abouh-Khalil. The piece itself is not a miniature, but the many dances and rhythms that Abou-Khalil brings together here have "miniature character" in my eyes. Especially the changing, energetic and contrasting metrics are an exciting challenge and a great pleasure at the same time for us performing musicians.
My own "percussion-miniatures", which practically surround Tsintsadze's pieces, can be seen as my musical counterparts. They take up ideas from these compositions and can be seen as a kind of prelude or small „appetizers“. They set tonal accents and at the same time form a counterpoint to the piece that follows.

Murat Coşkun, Freiburg 2021


Just listen:

02 Dance of Raindrops
03 Indi Mindi
05 Sachidao
08 Dance Song
09 Daldalan
10 Song
11 Source
12 fly away, black swallow
13 Gandagan
14 Happy Sheperd
16 The Moonlight Waltz
17 Arabian Waltz

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