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Masters of Frame Drums: Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco, Andrea Piccioni und Murat Coskun

(Pianissimo Musik, 2018)

This is the first common CD program of the four exceptional master percussionists. It reflects and emerged from their varied character facets, their diverse personalities and the multifaceted cultural backgrounds of the four percussionists. Above all, it is founded on their common vision and passion for frame drum playing.

Glen Velez (USA) is said to be the „lord of the frame drums“, not only because of his four Grammy Awards. Furthermore, for many people he is sort of a living legend, for he inspired thousands of percussionists world wide with his play. He sort of revolutionized frame drum playing like no one before. He accompanies his physical and vigorous meditative play on the frame drum with Asian overtone singing and onomatopoeic syllable language.

Andrea Piccioni (Italy) is the „maestro of tamburello total“. Almost no one masters the various traditions of the Italian tambourine play like he does. At the same time, he sort of lends a modern soul to these ancient instruments. In doing so, “his little tambourine becomes a bellied monster (…), his sound is fascinating, leathery and he manages to even conjure waggish, groovy melodies out of it, fluttering between tarantella and Latin influences.” (S. Franzen)

Zohar Fresco (Israel) is an exceptional percussionist. With his individual, highly creative and multifaceted play, the Israeli frame drummer with Turkish roots is said to be a “virtuoso of frame drums”. He is a “precision mechanic, combining precision and soul. He not only masterly controls his frame drum, his filigree fingers rather talk to her (…) and in his voice, a deep  gentleness resonates.” (S. Franzen)

Murat Coşkun (Germany/Turkey) the „dervish of frame drums“ is a musical ambassador. With his projects, he unifies the most diverse cultures world wide. His play appears like a heartfelt declaration of love to the frame drum. Murat scoops out of his own tradition, the Turkish-Oriental music. The music he engenders leaves behind with a smile terms like “tradition” and “modernity” as well as definitions like “Occident” and “Orient”.


Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 forwarding expences)

Listen the music:

01 Penance Creek
02 Shecharchoret
03 Solo Zohar Fresco
04 Paam Paam
05 The Hunter
06 Conversazione per due Tamburelli
07 Reflections
08 Jingle Jungle
09 Mandala
10 Grounded
11 Symbiosis

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