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Frame Drum Tutorial Basic&Beginner

Welcome to Murat Coskun`s new online tutorial!

my world of frame drumming - Kapitel 1 (Basic & Beginner)

An insight into the magic world of frame drums!


my world of frame drumming - tutorial - chapter one from murat coskun on Vimeo.

Available online at:

release: 07.2019


Chapter 1: basic combinations

In more than 3 hours of video You find over 220 detailed lessons in frame drumming, exercises, explanations, examples, adviced and grooves including:

- DUM - strokes (three different options with hand/ middle finger/ thumb)
- TAK - strokes (two different options with three fingers/ ring finger)
- PA -stroke (muffled sound)
- Basic combinations D-T, D-P, TT, PP etc...
- 3-stroke-combinations (RLL): Dmd, Tkd, DmP, DPk, Pkd, PkP etc...
- 3-stroke-combinations (RRL): Dmd, DTk, TTk, PPk, PDm
- 4-stroke-combinations (RLRL): Dmdm, Tkdm, Pkdm
- Accent strokes with left hand (finger)
- Combinations with accent strokes with left hand (finger)
- Combinations with hand-to-hand
- Rebound-technics with "PPk"-combination


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