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Frames & Drums

Frames & Drums (Pianissimo Musik, 2012)

Murat Coşkun’s soloist studio debut is an expression of his musical experience, rich in facets and a superb mastery of his percussion equipment. The frame drums take of course first position here, practically at home in many various cultures – from Asia to the Orient, North-Africa and Europe as well as in South-America.

Frame drums are frontier crossers – as much as is the musician himself. Murat Coşkun is stimulated by these various traditions, and after many years of intensive working with them, they are embedded in his very own music. Rhythms and sounds are merging, turning into sound expansions which are at times quite dense, and then again airy and interchangeable. Fantasy images are created by the music, the winds of Anatolia’s soft hill landscapes become audible, twittering birds are dancing in the sky and the inner eye perceives galloping wild horses while soft raindrops are falling on colourful spring flowers.

Murat Coşkun combines the rhythm language with his drums and manifold percussion instruments: Focal point is at all times the dialog. Two ideal guests and dialog partners are surprising on Coşkun’s solo CD. There is for one, Giora Feidman, the master of Klezmer music with whom Murat Coşkun enjoys a long standing and intensive “stagefriendship”, and with whom he has recorded numerous CDs. And there is as the second one, the tuba virtuoso, Michel Godard of France whose musical style ranges from ancient and world music to jazz - a congenial musical partner therefore.

Intensive dialogs are created between musicians and friends – sometimes deeply profound, quiet and meditative and sometimes gripping and powerfully dancing. Murat Coşkun with his frame drums creates a dimensional music in which his central Anatolian soul is united with the West-European spirit while connecting it to elements of various cultures into a new, world music sounding body.

01 Frames and Drums

02 Cecen kizin rüyasi

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