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Tamburi Mundi - Concept

Isn't our world just a simple round disk? When it concerns the world of frame drummers, then Yes! I'm probably not the only one, also not the first and definitely not the last one that has allowed himself to be overpowered by this world. The result of this fascination for me is called „Tamburi Mundi ". In short - a festival that shall bring the most diverse frame-drum worlds together. Specifically that shall mean: Frame-drummers from all over the world meet in order to make music together and to deepen their own knowledge and musical skills in an exchange.

The many facets of the frame-drum art as well as different frame-drum personalities shall come together in workshops and concerts. Besides the origin and roots of the drums, the reference to current music is important for me as well: In which context does the frame-drum apply to contemporary music, how is it applied by different musicians, what kind of new trends and innovative ideas are there in the field of performance. Above all & beside this rather theoretical aspect, the practice shall remain in the foreground: To make music together, whether in genuine frame-drum ensembles or with more melody-instruments, as well as, in my opinion one of the most important things, to listen to one another.

To also promote an active exchange within the frame-drum scene between festivals, we organize Tamburi Mundi Events in mini form as " InBetweens " in regular intervals. For this, several teachers will be invited for a weekend in order to focus on the spotlight with a workshop and a concert. Also, a forum shall be created for frame drum media where selected productions shall be introduced, applied for or released.

The objective should be to accomplish an international forum network and to experience the colorful and lively world of the frame drums together. Thanks to the great support of helpers, the enormous commitment of the teachers and the motivation and openness of participants, an important step has been made in this direction in the first release of the festival . Festival visitors and frame drummers from all over Europe - whether professionals or beginners - devoted themselves 9 days long together in a unique atmosphere and fascination of frame drums and therefore contributed towards making Tamburi Mundi one of the most important festivals for frame-drums at the present time.

So I look very eagerly to the future and will be very happy to see the festival continuing to maintain the wonderful support through colleagues, music lovers and the media.


Hope to see you at the next Tamburi Mundi Festival:

27.07. - 05.08.2018 at E-Werk, Freiburg (Germany)

Murat Coşkun (Festival Director)



Tamburi Mundi Celebration 10! - Video: 07.08.2015 at E-Werk, Freiburg

With: Glen Velez (USA), Gilson de Assis (Brazil/Germany),  Andrea Piccioni (Italy), Paolo Rossetti Murittu (Italy), Ramesh Shotham (India/Germany), Ganesh Kumar (India), David Kuckhermann (Germany), Suat Borazan (Turkey), Murat Coşkun (Turkey/Germany), Katharina Dustmann (Germany), Dave Boyd (Irland), Takashi Tajima (Japon), Rui Silva (Portugal), Pere Olivé Aymerich (Spain), Philipp Kuzke (Germany), Peer Kaliss (Germany), Ian Harrison (England/Germany), Gesine Bänfer (Germany), El Espina (Germany/Spanien), Arezoo Rezvani (Iran), Bettina Castaño (CH/Spain), Loire (USA)

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